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Southern Vixens Magazine Publication

I may not be from the south, but I have always loved the southern way. That being said I was excited to be featured in the June edition of Southern Vixens Magazine for their “Hot Rods & Hot Bods” edition. Of course this publication was the result of many talents combined.

The published images (and many more within the feature) came from the Black Crown Models March workshop titled, “Going Pro – The Keys to Publication” instructed by photographer, David Sutton. David’s work is becoming more and more recognized and published in various international magazines of all genres. Just as important is the talent responsible for creating my pin-up model look. I want to personally thank Tori Plant Makeup Artistry and Sunnie Rushton for their makeup and hair art.

It’s great to be a Utah native and represent other areas of the country in a motor fashion while pursuing my passion!

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Boudoir by Opie – Swimsuit Edition

One of Utah’s best known boudoir photographers, Opie Foto, invited me to work with her in expanding her studio shooting and lingerie style into the beauty of an outdoor studio and swimsuit fashion.

Our shoot took place Utah’s Great Salt Lake where we had a variety of natural beauty to work with from sand, lake views, lava rock and cattails. It was a great location to begin Opie’s swimsuit edition photography for 2014!

I enjoy working with Opie Foto (real name Chauntelle) for her ease of comfort, reliability and soft retouching style. She knows how to make a model feel welcome and sexy all while capturing a natural and elegant look.

As a model I am very outgoing and always looking to create a better shot each time and utilize my surroundings. I love unique photography angles, locations and frames. So naturally when it came to shooting near the cattails at the Great Salt Lake, I wanted to be in the cattails with the photography angle looking through them. We landed some money shots in those cattails (see below), just before a GIANT black snake slithered across my feet as I kneeled helplessly in his bed of camouflage grasses and foliage.

Chauntelle laughed and remarked, “I cannot believe you didn’t scream!” Well, I guess that’s just me. Most of God’s creatures don’t make me fearful or jittery. I respect them and I try to be cautious when overstepping my boundaries onto theirs.

If you, your wife, significant other or a model you know is interested in shooting beautiful artwork with this Utah photographer, please suggest: Boudoir by Opie.

Posted by Brooke on May 1, 2014. One Comment.

Miller Minute Powered by Odyssey Battery

Oh snap! The camera is rolling… “Hey everyone it’s Brooke from Miller Motorsports Park with this edition of the Miller Minute powered by the one and only Odyssey Battery!”

That line will be heard around Utah’s racing world frequently this spring and summer, as I happily host the new informational series for Miller Motorsports Park called the “Miller Minute.” You probably already guessed that this new gig involves 60 seconds of pure awesome racing and event information for Utah’s largest racetrack for road racing, karting, dirt track and more.

Please join me and stay on your racing game by following Miller Motorsports Park and LIKE their Facebook to view all of the latest and fastest race information in Utah! Do not miss out on another great race event this year, all the info you need is in the Miller Minute!

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Black Crown Models Workshop

What’s better than being a successful model? Helping others with the same passion become successful of course! In 2013, my partner Carly Beth and I started a model talent connection firm called, Black Crown Models. Our mission is to set an industry standard not only local to Utah, but nationwide for models and clients to uphold professionalism as number one priority.

Our team Black Crown Models was thrilled to host a model and photographer workshop in Salt Lake City, Utah with the talents of photographer, David Sutton from Illinois. David is a frequently published photographer who mainly shoots with models for advertisements, endorsements and publications. David is also the talent responsible for helping me land the February cover of Modelz View magazine.

Our workshop consisted of 10 models and 8 photographers. We spent three long days learning about posing models, lighting techniques, wardrobe, hair and make up, marketing, publishing and the do’s and don’t of the publishing world. The title of our workshop was, “Going Pro.” These three days were spread out amongst various locations including studio, courtesy of Studio Elevn, a muli-million dollar castle mansion and a rustic field filled with restored classic cars and hot rods. The variety proved to be a winning combination!

We are happy to announce that material from this three-day workshop has been picked up by various magazines and publications. A few of our attendees landed their first publication and print work! Professional model Kinzey Ray, landed yet another feature in VS Chicago Magazine, while new comers Capri Kay, Cami Nielson, Heather McAllister and Carly Beth celebrated their first publication.

A huge thank you goes out to all of the professionals involved in the Black Crown Models workshop. Special thank you, HMUA Tori Plant and Sunnie Rushton for making us all flawless!

Posted by Brooke on March 20, 2014. One Comment.