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Brooke was born in a rural community of Wyoming. Early on, it was apparent that she was fearless, creative, motivated and personable. She began riding and training horses at a young age which led to other adventure sports including ballet, skateboarding, snowboarding and rock climbing. She graduated high school early and operated her first small business. By 2005 she launched a second online retail business geared towards her passion for motorsports called Revv Wear. Her activities excelled to higher education, building her show cars, racing motorcycles, and accepting modeling jobs. In 2006, Brooke, previously known as “The Maxima Girl” was recognized for her custom show car accomplishments by MTV and Corporate Nissan. 2008 proved to be a big year for the aspiring model, racer and rider. She was voted Top 10 for Maxim Magazine’s Hometown Hotties, and in the same year received her NHRA drag license. Brooke graduated from the Davis Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah earning her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. In 2012 Brooke started Black Crown Marketing to pursue her professional passion of marketing. Her passions continue to be horseback riding, racing her motorcycle, shooting guns, wakeboarding, marketing and modeling. Brooke prides herself on being a new mother of five unique-furry children and her supportive family. Brooke took on a BIG change in 2013 becoming a first time mother to a healthy baby girl. Keep up with this speed demon below:

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Brooke Weisbender


Brooke endeavors to drive people to make their dreams, visions and ideas reality. Brooke advocates for a holistic and healthy lifestyle which balances nutrition, fitness, education and emotional well-being. She believes these attributes are integral to fostering financial and business success. She is persuasive with people and strongly encourages them to explore all options before giving up on the vision. 

She is driven by the notion, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”
Brooke Weisbender Royale Pursuit Eventing

“You have to have a vision for your life or it will merely pass you by. Once you can envision where it is that you want to be, never forget where you started from.” -BW
Brooke Weisbender

“You must isolate what is most important in your life and build your goals to foster their involvement.” -BW
Royale Pursuit Brooke Weisbender 3 Day Eventing

“Your body and mind are the tools you have to create the outcomes you seek. A strong body, sharp intellect and rational mind are the greatest assets to achieving your ideals.” -BW
Brooke Weisbender Maxim Jim Beam

“You never know the answer until you ask, and you will never know until you try!” -BW
Brooke Weisbender NHRA License

“The only person you should compare yourself to, is who you were yesterday.” – Annonymous
Maxim Brooke Weisbender Hometown Hottie

“Those who think the world owes them a favor, owes themselves a favor – a reality check.” – BW
Brooke Weisbender Maxim Blue Wig Abstract Model

“Natural beauty: it’s within a woman’s soul and it’s determined by her actions as life presents triumphs and challenges.” -BW
Paradise Bash IBMS Brooke Weisbender Wakeboarding Maxim

“Seduction in it’s deepest form is my love for motorsports and speed.” – BW

Brooke Weisbender R6 Yamaha Racing

“If it’s not making my heart beat faster, it’s not doing anything for me.” – BW
Brooke Weisbender R6 Yamaha Racing GTR SKYLINE
Brooke Racing her Nitrous R6 Yamaha into the 10’s at High Altitude – record pass 10.96 @ 127 MPH

Brooke Hosting the Miller Minute powered by Odyssey Battery

2008 – Maxim Hometown Hottie Top 10

Supercar Invitational Commercial – featuring Brooke Weisbender (Driving white ///M3 and Modeling)

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